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Find beauty in all things and radiate light.

Buddha Statue

"Let yourself become living poetry."



Spa Treatments


Organic Signature Facial

Customized skin treatment with organic plant based ingredients. Relaxing and restorative facial massage with focused extractions. 

60min     $145

90min     $175

Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial

Nourish and hydrate with 4 layers to resurface and brighten. Includes Vitamin C, antioxidants, plant stem cells and peptides. Includes Red Carpet Lift Microcurrent.

60min     $150

90min     $185

Tama Microcurrent Facial

Medical grade facial provides visible lift and contour. Evens skin tone, tightens and stimulates collagen.

60min     $150

Acne Facial

Includes lymphatic drainage, extractions and light frequency to kill bacteria. Reduces redness, oil production and acne scarring.  

60min     $150

90min     $185

Oxygen Facial

Infusions of pure oxygen with added collagen, peptides and hyaluronic. Glowing results.

60min     $150

90min     $185

Microcurrent, LED & Oxygen

Advanced anti-aging treatment combines three powerful technologies. Microcurrent re-educates the muscles, LED erases fine lines and Oxygen provides healing and glow.

2 hours  $250

Energy Healing
Everyone has the potential to move energ

Clairvoyant Balancing

Intuitive energy healing with clairvoyant insights. Auric balancing for the body, mind and spirit.

60min     $200

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki balances the body and its chakra centers. Universal light energy illuminates the meridians within our body to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual health.

60min     $150

Reconnective Healing

Cosmic energy healing brings new levels of vibrations and frequencies for deeper healing. A unique experience for those who seek extraordinary change.

60min     $150    

Facial and Reiki

Full facial followed by Reiki treatment. Experience healing energy channeled by divine light. 

2 hours $295


"I am the light of my soul.  I am beautiful, I am bountiful, I am bliss.  I am.  I am."

                                                                                   -Yogi Bhajan


Rain Chandra

Buddha Statue

Rain is a passionate healer. She is inspired by alternative healing modalities coupled with innovative technology and science. She holds a Medical Anthropology degree from UCLA and is a Reiki Master, Reconnective Healer, Ayurvedic Pancha Karma Practitioner, Massage Therapist, and a Holistic Esthetician.  

Rain is dedicated to an organic, sustainable and cruelty free lifestyle that she brings into her studio.  Each product and treatment are thoughtfully cultivated to raise the vibration of health and healing to everyone involved. 


Sola Studios
12121 Wilshire Blvd. Studio 19
Los Angeles CA 90025

Call or Text (310) 686-0209

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